Saturday, 14 March 2015

A picture paints a thousand lies....

Note first that this is said to be an official photo from space by NASA of Earth.  This image has become the main image in modern day books and search engines.

Could someone who believes this is a real photo of earth ask themselves some simple questions please?  

1)   why is it not spinning at 1000mph, it you think it is can you explain the shutter speed camera technology being used)?

2) why are there no stars?

3) why is the suns light 'so even' across it?    (e.g no rays, shadows, no way of knowing where the sun is coming from in this image).

4)  why is the east of America so green?

5)  why is the sea so blue when it is more of a deeper green-blue.

6) where is the haze in the atmosphere?

7) where is the equatorial bulge.

8)  why can one not see built up areas in mexico city or florida?  

9)  Does it seem convenient that mass built up areas like NY and LA are covered in clouds?

10)  what is that silly CGI blue ring around it - that is even on the east where it is dark?

11)  where south america starts, does the scale and shape seem wrong to you?

12)  do you even know what way it is supposed to be spinning?  if not - you really should sit down with yourself.

13) why is this the most used image, and the one that search engines reply with?  

14)  zoom in on the edge of greenland and try not to laugh, could you do it?

15) why can you not find a better image of earth from space when supposedly thousands of satellites are up there, and hubble has been up for years?

16) why am i often too lazy to press the shift key for capital letters?

The answer to these questions (well, not 16) is in my Earth Hoax blogs, now read by thousands...... wake up people.

Part 1 is here.

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