Monday, 2 March 2015

Earth Hoax: Part 6. Mars is not a planet.

What?  Not a planet?  Has he lost the plot?   "I'm off to some other sites where it's safe and we can moan about banks and GMO's, and share pictures of off-grid living from my office desk during my lunch break."

Good - that's eased the bandwidth - for those left, have you ever seen Mars?  You can see it with the naked eye.  It exists in the sky, a large reddish light on the ecliptic, and through a really good expensive telescope one can see it like this:

or this:

No problem, a reddish disk in the sky, illuminated, and for sure giving off some astrological 'mars' (gevurah) energy.   This is reality.

Then NASA came along last year and said these were taken from Mars, that they were real photos. But they are clearly CGI.    Not sure how a real motor and cables would do at their claim of -85 degrees.

This one looks like earth......

Oops - nothing to see here....

One of my personal favorites, that only on a few sites states "artists impression."  Why spend zillions of dollars to go there to get someone to draw it?    This technology just doesn't exist....nor does the planet mars.

But we are supposed to believe this below is a real photo of Mars (from wikipedia).  What is the red layer?   How odd.  Who took this?  Why is it not spinning, they say it spins at 53,979mph....that's some crazy shutter speed they have, and any photographer knows at fast shutter speeds one sees motion, and also cannot let in much light (hence a high ISO which makes it super grainy.     

People actually believe this video too, Masonic acting and CGI from an American Federal Agency that takes billions in tax.

Images like this are believed as they are pummelled into the consciousness for the past 50 years.

Every week or two they launch mainstream news about water on Mars, or most recently about space tourists to Mars.  It's all hogwash to brainwash.

Others have worked it out....

Mars Hoax  (a personal favourite and is a must watch if 1% of you believes Mars is a planet).

The ancients view on "wandering stars" is the most real and fits with REALITY.

Wake up, everything NASA ever did was a lie, and if you don't know Kubrick filmed the moon landings in a studio, then I suggest one starts there....(note Kubrick was bumped off).

They even made a sci-fi movie in the 70's about Mars missions being hoaxed.

Mars is a flat wandering star on (or near) our dome ceiling.....just like the other Fake CGI Ball Planets.....


The scary thing is how gullible the human being is in to days world.   Someone beam me off.....oh you can't ;-)