Friday, 14 August 2015

Ball Earth Skeptic Roundtable Podcast.

A chat the other day with the good people from the BESRT.  Apologies for the odd "Andalucian wifi issue" - they've only just got the internet here recently I think :-p

I would like to add here that the host at times made out I was an FE researcher with the most conjecture and speculation - this is not a label I feel is warranted.    

My Dark Rift information has been in the public domain for nine months with over 60,000 viewers (original article and documentary), and nobody has debunked either.    It is a case for me that I trust wise ancient tribes (such as the Maya and Aborigines) over the modern toxic authorities.

The free Moon ebook has had thousands of downloads, and also, nobody has debunked any of the information I presented, with each chapter providing a mass of research and evidence.

This is not a dig at the host, I fully respect his work, intelligence, humor, and show, it is just I'm not prepared to be cast into any potential "crazy speculation researcher" pigeon hole based upon solid recent work (which I certainly don't think was the intention of the host).