Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Flat Earth Astrology (Luminology), and more.....

Last week the waykiwayki youtube channel achieved over 500,000 views in just the last 6 months - so thank you for your support and shares.

This week I finally got around to piecing together one of the first ever Flat Earth Starology videos.

The name is changed to Luminology, as the word 'Astro' means "taking place outside the earth's atmosphere."   E.g Astrophysics, astronautics, fake space etc.

Aso, the third episode of FERO (Flat Earth Rebel Outpost) was launched last week (Episode four is now in production).


We had a chat with Patricia on her Hot Potatoes show regarding FERO earlier this week too.

I recently had a chat with Zannie at Flat Out Truth  - apologies for audio quality in places.

Someone made a cool looking video and plonked some of my voice onto it.

peace,  Mx

ps An interesting old gnostic text about your protection against deception.

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