Thursday, 3 December 2015

The Elite Comedy Hoax Roadshow - Copy and Paste.

It's getting silly now - the weekly elite comedy roadshow of hoax's -  whether they be Islamic State (notice the talismanic buzzword to ensure people fear all Muslims), or whether they be "crazy lone shooters" in some arse-end-of-nowhere Masonic town.

Both comedy gigs on the elite roadshow have an agenda, with the same people:
  • To help ease the way for the IMF, and Western Central Banking and Corporate interests to wade into the middle east.
  • To take control of the oil in the middle east.
  • Place western puppets into media positions of power in the middle east.
  • To take ancient artifacts from what was Mesopotamia.
  • To get closer to take out Iran.
  • Make people scared so they are easier to control.
  • Take guns from people before the USA economy takes a massive overnight hit (the S&P is already looking like it's now in a bear market).
The latest shooting hoax is as if they want us to know, in this video and this video the media mention "the actors have been caught."   Lets not forget the Boston hoax also spoke of actors in the media/

They also have this man on another media report......wearing his Freemason cap!

The same FBI dude is in the background as he was in other Hoaxes.  Copy and Paste.

Trademark crisis actors looking happy. Copy and Paste.

A trademark drill was taking place. Copy and Paste.

All we need is the famous crisis actress to turn up and we have a full house.


[[Edit:  I think she has turned up- see photo below]]


They are doing it to mock us, to say "we know some of you know, but we don't care."  Also, in my opinion, there is another reason - they put things in plain sight as to "not totally lie or bend people's free will" - because they see this as karmic and would mean a scar on their souls.  E.g One has the right to sell anything, but has the person bought it on their own intention or by their free will being bent?  There is a spiritual difference in my view.

They use codes of sorts too  - and the dark satanic rock bank playing in the Paris Hoax last week had lyrics that link to today's hoax.....but the masses will never see it as they are too busy in service to self - entertainment, working, and consuming type lifestyles.

Note Eagle is an symbol of Scorpio, where the Paris hoax took place in astrologcially.  "Scorpio of Death" =  and Scorpio is linked to the Death Tarot Card.

If you are interested in the full bag of nonsense related to this new shooting hoax, the good Jeranism has it tied down....


In other copy and paste news, UK Parliament is about to bomb more innocent people based upon fear from false media,    I wasn't happy with David Cameron, so I did an exclusive with him ;-)

One could even look to FE for more copy and paste hoaxes - like this new offering from the Japanese space (cough cough) agency.





And you thought you were going to go a whole blog with only one mention of FE?   No chance.  Explain to me 600km radar systems on a ball earth?   And who filmed this children's cartoon earlier today?

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