Thursday, 10 March 2016

Ah, I remembered, I can type......

Hi blog people,

I've not written much here for a while......mainly because I've been having so much fun and creative outlet in Sony Vegas making videos, and I've also been travelling in India again.    I've just checked-in and still 15,000 people or so come to this site each month, so I just want to say I hope you find something stimulating when you come here.....especially as the whole "truth movement" is on youtube these days it seems.   The more refined among us still seek a good read it seems, and long may this continue.

It's true, video allows one more depth as image and audio can be also be used - but writing in free-flow will always be more fluidly-expressive, and hold a stronger link to the subconscious and the heart.    Most of my videos have a messy but fluid text file at their core so writing is still the tool for me, even tho it may not appear so.

My new ESA Hoax Video (Part 8) is up on the youtube channel, and I'm now working on the FE Vedic Documentary.   Not many know much about the Vedic Cosmology and its links to Flat Earth, and other (hidden) lands, so within my India adventures I did some study and some interviews.

This documentary could open new areas of thought and research in the coming times, so I'm excited, and hope to give it the quality edge and feel it deserves.


After more deep magical experiences and connections in India,  I now inside myself, feel more 'happily isolated' from much of "western society," whereas at times before, I would sometimes pitchfork myself into western society at times.   I'm more happy in myself with my knowledge through experience, and have no desire or need to share or impose this on others......maybe i'm just getting older......or becoming more of a grumpy hermit :-p


One thing some synchronistic connections in the east reminded me, is that change is coming - and none of us know when or in what flavor this will come in.

In the manifest, the main stock market index (S&P) is now officially in a bear market after years or FED fakery pumping it up (even QE can no longer hide the growing truths in the economy).   Gold after years of suppression has recently had its biggest rise in years,  and Ether, the emerging super ethical Cryptocurrency has quadrupled the last month (an enemy of the central banks for sure).   Sidenote:  I would have got in on the Ether rocket-rise if it wasn't so hard for me to create an account on the exchange due to being an off-grid shadow with flaky ID....grrrr.   Plus, the standard fear porn is about too.

So, if the music stops, how will you be?   Where will you be?   Are you happy to be "in trust" and be 'wherever' you will be?   Or are there plans for one to make?   A contingency plan perhaps?

Instead of running around trying to be popular, do you know where your water and electricity come from?   Where you can grow food?   What skills you have to trade?    Do you ever look ahead?   Is the New-Age "always be in the now" a pushed meme from our controllers?

Maybe Flat Earth is another sign of big change coming....for as it says in Luke, "There is nothing hidden that won't be revealed, and there is nothing secret that won't become known and come to light."

There's allot more to say about FE, and other things....but this is all going in the Vedic Documentary........hopefully ready in a month or so....(if ESA stop interrupting me with their error-riddled pantomime).    One thing I've personally really stepped back from, is the infighting, narcissism, and ego in the FE community...that strangely enough, mostly all comes from one country......pattern or coincidence?   You decide.

peace,  M

ps If you ever seek inspiration for speaking the truth, watch these recent amazing movies that are both based on true stories - Straight out of Compton, and Spotlight.

pps If your researching online allot - take some time out - it will all be there in a few weeks or months - its super healthy and one comes  back refreshed.   Plus, passive input has at some stage to be balanced with creative output.

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