Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Private dialog with Mark


I appreciate that viewers and readers are reaching out, and am thankful that I can serve the purpose of being a conduit to help in our collective awakening, spiritual realisations, and transformations.  I am on the ride with you all.  The private email interactions do make a positive difference.  I like doing it. I would like to keep doing it.

The volume of emails now have to be approached in a balanced fair way, so I can give what you need, and be able to give even more fulfilling content.  So after meditating over how to best create the most balance in these interactions, and to honor each others time and energy, I seek a small donation per 'email thread' of around £5 via the donate button on the side.

I have hosted many retreats, mainly working one on one - and am happy to go into any of the subjects in my website, books, and youtube channel, as well as into more personal subjects such as evolution, relationships, path, health, environment, the past, present, future, spiritual practise, and matters of a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual nature.

After some initial email dialog skype is a viable progression.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Mark aka waykiwayi