Tuesday, 21 June 2016



Hi everyone,

I super appreciate all the communication from people following my work on FE, Astrology, and Crypto, but due to the sheer volume I can now only promise to respond to communication with a trade of energy:

Skype 30 minutes £25.
Focused. Email  £10.

If I responded to all the "Mark, have you just got five minutes" messages, I would do nothing else with my life.

Paypal via  https://paypal.me/waykiwayki     (please send as 'friends').

Send emails to waykiwayki@hushmail.com    - but due to DDOS spam attacks from shills, I can now only accept emails from places like hotmail, gmail, yahoo, aol, icloud, and yandex etc.

Most of my work is on this website and on my youtube channel.

With trust of your understanding.

Keep up the quest for truth everyone :-)

Mark aka waykiwayki.