Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Communications / Services

(January 2022 update).

Hi everyone,

I appreciate the communication from people following my work.  Due to the sheer volume of messages, I now cannot promise to reply to messages.   2019 and 2020 was intense on my inbox and messaging services.  I need to step back from this.

Please use telegram group:

After 200+ astrology clients, I have now calmed this down, and only sometimes now do I do astrology for an individual - if I have a gap.  Send emails to waykiwayki@protonmail.com

Paypal to waykiwayki@hushmail.com   (please send as a 'friend').


Due to the increase in variance, I am (was) opening up more subjects.

Covid Scam  - locations / crypto / family / injections / risks / plan Bs.
Luminology (Astrology)
Health- natural medicine
Spirituality / evolution
Medicinal plants
Big decisions
Budgeting / Risks / Contingencies

I don't have all the immediate answers, they are inside you - but I will understand and be able to help.

A little about me.....
I was born in UK but left there 17 years ago..
Some days I am a researcher, astrologer, author, video maker, or crypto researcher.
I've gathered many deep personal experiences related to the above list.
I've hosted over 20+ one on one retreats.
I've experienced many long silent meditations, fasts, and healing modalities.
I was in my 20s a Designer and Project Manager for large bespoke Software projects.

Keep up the quest for truth everyone :-)

Mark aka waykiwayki.