Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Why Astrology Should Matter In Your Everyday Life

Eliza Miller, 26, writer of this article, is a stay-at-home mom of two sweet kids in Miami, Florida. Miller believes astrology and uses it to guide their everyday lives.

We often wander aimlessly in this vast wilderness called life. We need a guide to help us figure out what we can do next.  Astrology helps us with our daily life since it gives us a detailed description on almost every aspect of life.  With the help of astrology, we can determine if we need to start something new, if we need to find love, or if we need to stop whatever we are doing. New moons indicate that you need to start, may it be ideas, ventures or anything that may be a new beginning in your life. Full moons can provide you with a fulfillment of wishes, dreams and hopes.

Astrology, as what was mentioned above, can be your guide in living through tough times. It serves as a timeframe on when the hardship in your life will finally end.  It may not give you what you want exactly, but it will guide you on how to find it. For example, astrology won’t give you your dream house or your dream car, but astrology can help you by showing you what you need to do in order to obtain these things. It cannot help you find the love of your life, but it can give you an idea of the characteristics of what he/she could be like. Astrology will not provide you with a good paying job, but it will show you the way on how you can get one.

It also can help you understand the things that you are good at and the things that you need to improve on. It can help you interpret your strengths and weaknesses. It can help you understand the type of person that you are, and through this, you will know how to deal with other people that you get to meet everyday. You will know how to deal with your boss; your neighbor who annoys the hell out of you and you will know how to understand your partner in life.

There are also different kinds of astrology that you can follow for a betterment of you everyday living.

Natal or genethliacal astrology can help explain one’s path or personality in life.

Medical astrology or iathromathematics is a kind of astrology that deals with various parts of the body, drugs and diseases as under the impact of the moon, stars, and the twelve astrological signs wherein each sign is connected to different parts of the body.

Electional astrology or event astrology decides the possible time for an event on the astrological auspiciousness of that certain event.

Karmic astrology provides a practitioner an indication about your mission in life and the things that you might have done wrong during your previous incarnations.

Previsional astrology gives you bits and pieces of periods that are favorable to you when it comes to different types of activities.

Astrology can also give you new opinions and viewpoints in your own life. It will make you questions about your everyday existence. There are experts that may provide you answer to your question but there are people who are not satisfied with another person providing an explanation.  With astrology, a human being is forced to believe that he has his limitation that he has weaknesses that he needs to deal with. He can learn that there is more to life and that he can accept and receive all at the same time. This can lead to a better outlook and plan in a human’s life, making him enjoy what he has and what he can achieve. This explains that astrology is an institution of life plans. It will not provide you with fruits for you to consume, instead, with will provide you with seeds for you to plant for your fruits in the future.

Often times, qualifications provided by professionals are not enough to make a man pursue in achieving his goal. Human qualities are also included in the qualification. Astrology can be a guide in providing decisions, since a person cannot play with the message written on his birth chart. It also does not depend on how the best astrologers interpret his signs because these can be proven mathematically.

If we want to explain the extent on how astrology can help life, we must remember to leave the scientific level of discussion. Astrology shows that it can help you live your life because it resolves the apparent conflict between responsibility and determination. If it is based on deception or error, it would give you a conscious connection, similar to people praying.

Astrology is personal since it equalizes the weak and strong points of a human being who believes this. By being aware of what is going on around you, we become more interconnected to the processes of life that is sacred and holy. Misuses to this practice are also common; most people who are new to this will think that reading the charts will provide the answers to your questions right away. This will not help you solve your problems, it will only guide on the procedures you have to undertake for you to fix the things that you need to fix. Predetermination is not present; using the energies presenting them will be completely up to you. Enlightening and empowering is what a good astrologer does, not to feed the ego of their clients with what they want to hear. A good client, on the other hand, should know how to take ownership with the experience that happened to them. You as a believer should be an active participant in the direction the power of cosmos is sending you.

This explains that astrology is the reflection of your current life, a useful source for you to get over your fears, the hurdles in your life, a tool for a sensible existence. Also bear in mind that astrology is only a guide or map, not something for you to own. It will not do its work for you, it will only show you what your can do. Remember that you can always change the world if you use your own free will.

Images used by unsplash and Quique under Public Common CC0