Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Black Chemtrails?


Anyone else seen these new black chemtrails / lines in the sky - I saw my first ones a couple of weeks ago and took a photo:

They can't be shadows due to the angle of the Sun, and strangely, the black line was ahead of the white chemtrail, and had no visible airplane.

Online there are quite a few videos about these too....

Link1,  Link2,  Link3

Also I took this photo in recent days in Sweden, backing up my theory that they are blocking our small and close Flat Earth Sun.

This is all something we don't yet understand, or it's linked to the very real rise in Morgellons disease.....tiny live black fibres that live in the body and skin.

My advice is to munch on the crispy chlorella tablets (algae) as they remove all foreign matter from the body.

What strange times we live in.

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Flat Earth - We're going to the north pole.

Please send this to your wealthy flat earth friends  :-)

If you find the myths of the North interesting, you might like this below.

Thursday, 26 January 2017

History has been hacked.

Due to Flat Earth, we know now the elite are into big lies for mind control, and for sure history has been hacked too.

I am personally not sure if all of this information below is all totally accurate, but it's 100% for sure worth knowing about, and delving into if you resonate with it. We need more people looking into this field of research.

Here are a few short trailers to watch that summarise how our history has been hacked.

They present that:
  • Homer's Iliad - The Trojan War and 1st Crusade were the same event
  • Goths - were the biblical Gog/ Magog people and were actually Slavs
  • Tartars - the name of these people has been erased from history, although many ancient maps exist. After defeating them, the Romanov's re-wrote Russian history
  • John's Book of Revelation/ Apocalypse - according to the astronomical description in the biblical texts, this book had to be written in Sept/Oct 1486 AD
  • Dark Ages - this vacuum of time never existed. It was added to push back some historical events to make them more credible
  • Jesus was born in 1053 and died in 1086. It's the same 33 years, just 1000+ years later in time
  • Egyptian/ Greek/ Roman ages - existed simultaneously 
  • Mongolian Empire never existed. It was a Russian army called the Horde (Tartarians) These are the descendants of the Hyperboreans.




P.S  If this is all a bit too serious - some new short episodes exist at the Flat Earth Rebel Outpost Channel  ;-)

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Podcast with BioCharisma - Flat Earth Luminology (Astrology).

Online Chat with the great Christopher from BioCharisma about Flat Earth Luminology (Astrology) and other interesting topics.

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Just so you know.....

Quick heads up.......this function occurred recently......

.... also a new "cannibalism comedy series" starts of Netflix soon - nice family viewing trailers to get you ready.

You couldn't make it up.