Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Black Chemtrails?


Anyone else seen these new black chemtrails / lines in the sky - I saw my first ones a couple of weeks ago and took a photo:

They can't be shadows due to the angle of the Sun, and strangely, the black line was ahead of the white chemtrail, and had no visible airplane.

Online there are quite a few videos about these too....

Link1,  Link2,  Link3

Also I took this photo in recent days in Sweden, backing up my theory that they are blocking our small and close Flat Earth Sun.

This is all something we don't yet understand, or it's linked to the very real rise in Morgellons disease.....tiny live black fibres that live in the body and skin.

My advice is to munch on the crispy chlorella tablets (algae) as they remove all foreign matter from the body.

What strange times we live in.