Saturday, 28 October 2017

Catalonia: Fascism and Centralisation

Let us step back and look objectively at what has happened, what is happening, and what is likely to happen.

1.  What has happened.

A group of millions of people with their own history and language wanted independence from a central authority, one in which they give more than they take from.
They were refused a referendum many times, so did one themselves.  This took place under violence and threat from the central authority and their military police, the Guardia Civil, that has its roots in deep, open, fascism.
This race / region / group voted for independence, but the central authority called it illegal.   This is a bit strange as it did happen, it occurred.   It's like saying  "a piece of paper I got from my mate at the courthouse means all that happened in this reality last week doesn't count."     It's kind of weird to call it illegal, it's not like anyone went and stole anything or hurt anyone, there is no victim here, people just democratically made a decision.

2.  What is happening?

This is the interesting part.   Just hours after Madrid announced Direct Rule and Catalonia announced Independence, others who secretly but historically love centralisation and fascism came out and added their views:

NATO said they back Madrid.
The EU Government said they back Madrid.
The USA said they back Madrid.
The UK said they back Madrid.
France said they back Madrid.
Germany said they back Madrid.

The way the elite write and announce the above is as thought the whole country and population were asked - nope, it's just five or six people related to Central Banks and Military involved. 

I only know of Russia, Finland, Wales, and Scotland offering some polite support, and remember, Wales and Scotland are in the UK - which backs Madrid.

So, this list of Madrid backers all claim to fight for freedom and democracy but actually back centralised fascism.
Over 10 years ago in my first book I wrote about the fascist history of the unelected EU Government.   I also wrote about the illusion of democracy, and how the western world is mainly a fascist state devolving towards more centralisation, which ultimately means more control.

3. What is likely to happen?

a)  Now the propaganda machine will move into action to sway the zombies against Catalonia, making them think Madrid makes all the decisions.  Just check out the NLP in these BBC headlines and sub-headlines.


b)  The arrests of the Catalan leaders is possible.  Guardia Civil may go in early one morning to arrest the leaders of the Catalan parliament.  For this they will need some intel and to be careful no videos of violence are captured.  Note: I can't see a daytime 'tanks in the streets' type of gig, the USA and EU Would not be keen.  It's bad PR.
c)  If the above happens, we could soon see an ETA type movement with the odd bomb or online hack aimed at Madrid oppression.
d)  The Spanish government will put on a charm offensive for the new Catalan elections, which will be won by puppets of Madrid.
e)  Other parts of Europe such as Scotland and North Italy will experience renewed enthusiasm for independence.
f)  What should happen is a new official referendum in Catalan should be announced at the very least.

You see, we live under fascism in Europe, it’s just that they hide it well.  But at times like this they can't hide it, it comes out for all to see (even if the zombies don’t see it).   Centralisation is a fascist gig (and also a communist gig), but Decentralisation is going to be the name in town in the coming years.  

For Catalonia, Blockchain is very relevant, and it's been said that they favor blockchain over the central bank model.

To learn just a little about Blockchain Technology and one will see middle men such as banks and centralised Governments could soon be on the wane.   

The world will change so much in the coming ten years.   These early symptoms like Venezuela and Catalonia are just some early dominoes - just you wait till it all ramps up.   But for now - sit back in awe as modern day fascism rears its ugly head.

Thursday, 5 October 2017

Blockchain Empowerment & Evolution

This is a new Crypto advice and mentoring service I am offering.   I already have helped over 10 people create and manage their own Crypto Portfolios, and shown them what to look out for and why.

Want to be your own bank?    Heard about Crypto Assets, but only know  of Bitcoin and "strange internet money?"   Well there's a whole world of different blockchain tech and utility tokens now developed, invested, and traded.   Crypto Assets, Blockchain technologies, Utility Tokens, and Smart Contract are all Breakthrough Technology that can cut out middlemen and create a sharing community.   Be an early adopter, or at least find out what is going on.  For a free ten minute chat give me a call.  This is about decentralisation and what's on the horizon.   It's a passion, and I can help others.   See my crypto youtube channel, twitter, or website for more.

Note: I do not give financial advice - and none of this service constitutes financial advice.


Wednesday, 9 August 2017

waykiwayki FE Talk and Chats in UK.....


A few videos taken by other channels during a recent UK trip.....but first off - a flyer for a talk I will do in Zurich soon......

and the misses....

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Written Interview with

Hi all,

I was privileged to do a written interview with the insightful Dawn of Truth website this week, with the good Simon Robinson.

Full Link

Monday, 26 June 2017

Blockchain is going to be the vehicle

Bitcoin = Be Your Own Bank
Steemit = Print Your Own Money
Ethereum = Be Your Own Middle Man

The matrix economy is looking ready for another crash.......take some time to think about your move.

Monday, 22 May 2017

There are no bigots on the Flat Earth?

I see these new video below by Dave Murphy as bigoted, and toxic.
It's a shame as he has done some good Flat Earth work, but dangerous as he has a large following.


1)  "White is not a Skin Colour"   - How can anyone say this?   Especially when so many people with Brown skin see themselves as Black skinned.    We all know there are races in this realm, known as the white, yellow, red, black, and brown skinned humans.  To pick one that isn't the self, and say it isn't true can only come from hatred or suppressed pain.

2) The minority white skinned people are being diluted and broken up by the elite in north Europe via:
2a)  Not congregating in high streets anymore as they are being shut down in favor of out of                      town commercial centers.
2b)  Not congregating in pubs anymore as they are closing due to tax price hikes, and cheaper                     booze being sold in supermarkets.
2c)  A wild ideology from Abrahamic mind control, with a very separate language, is being                        purposely moved into north Europe to dilute, divide, and disperse the white communities.

The above are because the white race is a major threat to the elite, as the white race, generally speaking, goes against oppression and strange societal structures more than other races.  It is a race that is (was?) hard to control.   These are ironically also reasons why the elite are mainly white themselves.   Ever see any real protests in Saudi Arabia or China?   Ever see harmony in the Central African Republic?  

Study the online truth movement and see what race is within over 95% of decent output fighting the world elite.   This is not bigoted to point this out.  It is objective.   Each race has many strengths and it's ok to celebrate them.

Speaking super generally, the Black skinned race is super athletic and physically strong,  the Middle Eastern brown skinned race are great at trading and sharing,  the far eastern Yellow skinned race are super analytical and great at inventing and making things, and the northern White skinned race oftentimes step back and think in terms of social, cultural, and governmental structures (hence, be a major threat to the elite).

3)  To imply that because the elite are white skinned, then the white skin race is an elitist race, is bigotry.

4)  Dave looks more white than he does black.

5)  If the average white man sits in the sun and tans, many would look as brown as Dave does.

6)  There is more slavery now than there has ever been, it's just now the slaves have to now pay rent and for their food.   Being bitter and angry due to things that happened before one was born is low consciousness.

For more depth on this, and more information and history surrounding this taboo subject, please start at around 1h.07m on this podcast I did over a year ago.  Racism doesn't even exist - it's a recently man made word to create division....a word that isn't really ever used by a particular race.....ask yourself why.

If Dave's video was done the other way around and called  "Black is not a Skin Colour" there would be chaos.

I won't be commenting on this blog or Dave's video again, he is allowed his opinions, as are we all. The key is to ask yourself; are you celebrating different races, or are you picking on other race, or are you seeking to dilute the different races?


Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Black Chemtrails?


Anyone else seen these new black chemtrails / lines in the sky - I saw my first ones a couple of weeks ago and took a photo:

They can't be shadows due to the angle of the Sun, and strangely, the black line was ahead of the white chemtrail, and had no visible airplane.

Online there are quite a few videos about these too....

Link1,  Link2,  Link3

Also I took this photo in recent days in Sweden, backing up my theory that they are blocking our small and close Flat Earth Sun.

This is all something we don't yet understand, or it's linked to the very real rise in Morgellons disease.....tiny live black fibres that live in the body and skin.

My advice is to munch on the crispy chlorella tablets (algae) as they remove all foreign matter from the body.

What strange times we live in.

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Flat Earth - We're going to the north pole.

Please send this to your wealthy flat earth friends  :-)

If you find the myths of the North interesting, you might like this below.

Thursday, 26 January 2017

History has been hacked.

Due to Flat Earth, we know now the elite are into big lies for mind control, and for sure history has been hacked too.

I am personally not sure if all of this information below is all totally accurate, but it's 100% for sure worth knowing about, and delving into if you resonate with it. We need more people looking into this field of research.

Here are a few short trailers to watch that summarise how our history has been hacked.

They present that:
  • Homer's Iliad - The Trojan War and 1st Crusade were the same event
  • Goths - were the biblical Gog/ Magog people and were actually Slavs
  • Tartars - the name of these people has been erased from history, although many ancient maps exist. After defeating them, the Romanov's re-wrote Russian history
  • John's Book of Revelation/ Apocalypse - according to the astronomical description in the biblical texts, this book had to be written in Sept/Oct 1486 AD
  • Dark Ages - this vacuum of time never existed. It was added to push back some historical events to make them more credible
  • Jesus was born in 1053 and died in 1086. It's the same 33 years, just 1000+ years later in time
  • Egyptian/ Greek/ Roman ages - existed simultaneously 
  • Mongolian Empire never existed. It was a Russian army called the Horde (Tartarians) These are the descendants of the Hyperboreans.




P.S  If this is all a bit too serious - some new short episodes exist at the Flat Earth Rebel Outpost Channel  ;-)

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Podcast with BioCharisma - Flat Earth Luminology (Astrology).

Online Chat with the great Christopher from BioCharisma about Flat Earth Luminology (Astrology) and other interesting topics.

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Just so you know.....

Quick heads up.......this function occurred recently......

.... also a new "cannibalism comedy series" starts of Netflix soon - nice family viewing trailers to get you ready.

You couldn't make it up.