Sunday, 27 January 2019

New Documentary "Flat Earth Advanced - The Luminaries Mysterium"

Hi all,

Please enjoy my latest documentary, which took me 4 months to put together over 2 years.  I see it as one of the most progressive cosmology presentations to date. 

Just after two days, this is already being translated into Italian and Turkish.

Just before I uploaded it, Youtube de-monitized my channel, without reason, and no way to dispute.
They also have not been notifying subscribers of this video, removing subscribers without their knowledge, and hiding this video from my video list.

The walls are closing in on me on Youtube, this one really has them rattled.   They someohow knew I was about to upload it.

Here is proof Youtube are now anti Flat Earth.

Soon I will be uploading to the Bittube platform; Blockchain based with no adverts.  I will explain the full reasoning and benefits soon in a short video.

Please support my work if you can, as the inability to monetize this video has come as a surprise.  I don't monetize even 20% of my work, but this one, due to the work put in,  was going to be monetized.


Mark aka waykiwayki