Friday, 27 November 2020

waykiwayki Youtube Channel Removed


It finally happened.  Google removed me from Youtube.   About 4 million views and 100k comments - and that was with removing me from searches, removing subscribers, and not notifying them much of the time.

The show goes on.  Elite Full Throttle Part 12 is now online. and on the LBRY protocol, and Bittube. 

LBRY Channel:

BITTUBE Channel: 

Friday, 30 October 2020

waykiwayki on new Odysee (LBRY) Platform

 Hi everyone,

Youtube took down my latest Elite Full Throttle Part 11 video - this time after 53 minutes, and I'm now on 2 strikes, and blocked from adding anything for a while -  so that channel is near the end.

The New Odysee platform (on the LBRY protocol / LBRY revamp) is amazing and you can find me there - so subscribe to see my latest videos:

Odysee growth has been massive in recent weeks - over 400k channels now, and averaging over 1.4k new channels a day.  Get some LBC too if your wise ;-)

Saturday, 13 June 2020

Elite Full Throttle Series, Youtube attack, and Unschooling.

Hi all,

A belated update to share the new waykiwayki Elite Full Throttle Series on Youtube, now on Part 6.
I had copied the youtube link here, but along with Part 3, youtube have just removed Part 6 reason given.

So now I have moved all my work to the decentralised and uncensored LBRY platform.
Part 6
LBRY waykiwayki channel

On youtube many subscribers have been removed without their knowledge, and many others haven't been getting notified of new videos - so please join me on days on Youtube are nearly numbered.

As well as the busy Astrology and Crypto services I offer (see links on the right) - there is now an unschooling / deschooling offering led by my partner.   She has so many years experience of guiding and teaching children in many cultures and countries, using successful innovative methods.

I also have many people calling me for a chat / advice on the current situation (vaccines, AI, lockdown, elite agendas going full throttle etc).   Please use for correspondence.


M aka waykiwayki

Thursday, 19 March 2020

Day 4 Worldwide Lockdown

I will post here as many people I know don't use facebook, and many are asking similar questions - and this can be shared.  This blog won't update every day - but hopefully often, and it's quicker than doing videos.

Ok - here is the latest NLP and slow move towards more designed panic and lockdown.

Italy has been in lockdown for 10 days, but they say in the media with no proof that "deaths are spiking" - this tells us lockdown is not enough - we need more control.  In Italy people are phoning the police to grass up on people in the street....omg.

Tanks were seen in a convoy in UK yesterday, and here is another convoy of military on the M25 yesterday.

From the Guardian Live updates today:

The UK announced plans to double the military force available to help deal with the outbreak. The Ministry of Defence said an extra 10,000 personnel would be added to the 10,000 already available to form a support force.

And BBC said low down in their the way..."The Army is preparing to provide support during the pandemic."

RT said dying people in UK are to say goodbye to loved ones....get this....via skype....."hello, can you hear me?" - "yep, just, cutting out a bit, whats going on dad?" - "Going to die in a minute."    Really?   And the sheep accept this as a good thing to do as they believe in cartoon viruses.

Philadelphia is looking super martial law too.

More NLP - they say empty shelves are due to "hoarders" but really it's the crippled supply chain.   Do the supermarkets run dry at Xmas?  No.   Do trucks now deliver fruit from Spain to Germany and UK?  No.

Here is a real idea (not a joke) from a restaurant company - deep mind control of fear.

Valencia "Checkpoint and Disinfection" - these will be where to queue for food and vaccines soon.....while soldiers patrol.

Love how the MSM assumes via NLP that we all really want a vaccine - the BBC NLP is off the charts.

London is being told full power lockdown coming soon.  Yep - so the youngest person to die in UK is 49 years old - but now everyone is on lock down...LOL.   Where are all the big tough Chelsea and Spurs "lads" now?   All at home listening for Government orders.

Here is a funny UK contradiction the sheep missed......and even support.......don't go out, no pubs, no cafes, no cinema, work at home - don't speak to eachother, old people stay alone, if anyone coughs then the whole house has to be isolated......this "virus" is far too dangerous and contagious......but sending your kids to school.......we need to keep programming them with fear and mass mind control.   And you know what?    The parents do it - they obey......they send their children to school then go home and NLP "social distance" and "self isolate" themselves....which both really mean "lock yourself down you gullibe sheep and don't collaborate with anyone who has probably worked it out."  imagine going to school as a 10 year old thinking your parents might die while your in Climate change lesson...unreal     They realised their mistake and all schools shut tomorrow.

Boris Johnson is using NLP all the time - "Without good leadership people in this country will start to panic."  LOL

As well as Virtual Online Funerals confirmed, the BBC have a new live series called Health Check UK Live where they will educate you on killing yourself slowly with vaccines and bad food, and there will be broadcast a virtual church service live on Sunday morning each week.

The BBC Food website will provide recipes for those with access to only the bare essentials - so you can see what is coming.
The BBC also says it could provide a daily education television programme for different age groups that students can follow.

Corona seen from Space....LMAO - it's only 2 miles away...if even that....LOL.

With the economy it's hard to tell - for sure it was broken anyway and controlled slow collapse is wiser for the elite...especially after people locked up at home.  As I said for years now - crypto, land, silver, and gemstones are best investments....once you have food/water sorted.

Strange how the super expensive Kirkland Nursing Homes the USA are responsible for a quarter of all USA deaths in strange circumstance are hanging up on people asking questions, and refuse anyone to visit or deliver - seems like a test lab really.

What's shocking in all this is no disobedience - everyone in the EU and UK is just doing what they are told - numb and shocked.    Know that there are people outside of all this watching from thousands of miles away - with care.

Do Not Consent - Live your life - don't be a drone - wake up your friends and family, don't step into fear - we are in a frequency war - you have to keep your frequency high.  Stop listening to rules from authority, and wake people up.   Read some Taoism or do some meditation or this amazing nidra - reflect, plan, take the opposite of the herd.

"Shivi's - it's time to flood the place mate - either send Zues and the boys down to sort this elite out - or flood it - it's gone too silly - we need a reset..........I can't believe what I'm witnessing."

Ps - If you believe Viruses exist (bacteria exists, mutated proteins exist), and don't know about 5G EMF or bioweapons - you might want to see my latest video on youtube or DYOR.

Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Day 3 Worldwide Lockdown.

It's ramping up and most of EU is now in home lockdown and unable to fly out.
Live streamed funerals incoming. Government-backed loans worth £330bn (33).
UK new laws -The Coronavirus Bill - Allowing police and immigration officers to support and enforce public health measures, including powers to detain people and put them in appropriate isolation facilities.
The MSM is now talking all the time about "the months ahead."

Ask yourself why don't airports test people before flying - they test all bags for weapons - so why not test humans for a virus -to stop all flight travel is nonsense and shows something else is going on.....something BIG.

Vaccine now seen as the key back to normal life.
In Turkey, 19 people have been detained for making "“unfounded and provocative” posts on social media about the government's handling of the outbreak." Well they will have to try and find me and that won't be so easy for them.
Top story is how to keep your smartphone they have a clearer way of blasting ur energy. Only affected are old people with bad health and it's not really contagious at all (EMF).
The book 1984 looks like a holiday compared to this current reality for many.

waykiwayki advisories: Get with your crew - meet up with like minded people / loved ones often, in numbers u r stronger. Get powders like wheatgrass and sprouted rice while supply chain is still alive....u can live on these easily and healthily. Do the opposite of the herd.
So many mocked me over the years for saying publicly this is sad.
Many did get the call tho, and dropped everything and are out of the west in nature in freedom - u know who u are.

In my TOW book from 12 years ago, I wrote about this time - and when it looks darkest - something beautiful will come - the elite won't have it all their way. In just two weeks if this carries on everyone will know much of this is about elite agenda. This could all just be a 2 month gig so they can install and test the 5g.......keep this in mind.

Hold 2025 things will look so different. Don't trust anything the government, who, or mainstream media say - they were each corrupted decades ago.