Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Day 2 Worldwide Lockdown

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Hi all,

Ok - not posted here in a while as using youtube / bittube but at times like this it is quick and easy to share as many only use fbook or whatsapp or twitter etc.....

Day 2 of World Lockdown - all memes and humor at the moment - but who do you think is going to grow, package, ship, and stock the supermarkets with food when the supply chain is crippled? you think they grow bananas in UK or USA? Especially when people are panic buying. Give it 2 weeks and you will start to see chaos in the cities.......then things will get real. You do know 30,000 US troops just arrived in Europe for "drills."
I'm not trying to create fear, but these are real issues. If you can - get to low populated areas - rent elsewhere, rent ur place out - be smart - food and low-crime areas are the coming kings. If I was in a western town/city I would buy chickpea flour to make japati, tinned fruit n veg, wheatgrass powder and sprouted rice protein powder, and draw all my cash out of the banks, and make a dash for remote energy/ small village area. Think weeks ahead good people. This "could" be the storm I spoke of in recent years. Do the opposite from the herd.

Day 2b Worldwide Lockdown: France just announced people need to fill out a form to go outside....135euro fine for not having form on you. In other updates Germany just closed every playground in the country and stopped anyone from leaving Germany to travel / vacation. It's here folks - elite lock down - they decided the test went to so well they might as well got for it now. I said around 19th March in my recent astrology video something would happen......well - it's certainly happening.

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