Friday, 14 August 2020

Youtube attack on waykiwayki


As you can now see on the right - links to my LBRY and Bittube sites are now live - these are both decentralised, cryptographic, free from ads, and censorless (unlike the archaic Bitchute).

Wednesday, 8 July 2020

Elite Full Throttle Part 7

Youtube will probably remove it like Part's 3,5, & 6, so links also for LBRY and Bittube.

Saturday, 13 June 2020

Elite Full Throttle Series, Youtube attack, and Unschooling.

Hi all,

A belated update to share the new waykiwayki Elite Full Throttle Series on Youtube, now on Part 6.
I had copied the youtube link here, but along with Part 3, youtube have just removed Part 6 reason given.

So now I have moved all my work to the decentralised and uncensored LBRY platform.
Part 6
LBRY waykiwayki channel

On youtube many subscribers have been removed without their knowledge, and many others haven't been getting notified of new videos - so please join me on days on Youtube are nearly numbered.

As well as the busy Astrology and Crypto services I offer (see links on the right) - there is now an unschooling / deschooling offering led by my partner.   She has so many years experience of guiding and teaching children in many cultures and countries, using successful innovative methods.

I also have many people calling me for a chat / advice on the current situation (vaccines, AI, lockdown, elite agendas going full throttle etc).   Please use for correspondence.


M aka waykiwayki